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Welcome to Inner Light!  I am so pleased that you chose to visit my website and for your interest in my Offerings.  It is my sincere hope that when you leave you will have more than when you arrived. 

This site was created as a sacred place of Light and Vision for you to explore.   May you find inspiration and insight, discover new Spiritual tools for healing and transformation, create new visions, embrace your InnerLight and dream a new way into Being. 

We are living in times of tremendous change throughout the world, in our communities, in business and in our lives. Shamanism is a powerful practice that can answer important questions, assist and guide us in every aspect of our lives, improve relationships, discover the cause of illness, restore/improve health, heal trauma, change limited beliefs and bring us into balance and harmony.  It gives us powerful tools to manifest and create whatever is needed in our lives so we may thrive in an ever-changing World.

Shamans believe that we are constantly dreaming the world into being with our thoughts, beliefs and actions.  Whatever we think, feel and how we behave is reflected in our relationships and in the quality of our lives.  These Shamans are holding powerful ceremonies at sacred sites for all of humanity to awaken, heal and create a different dream, from a higher level of consciousness; one that holds peace, hope, meaning and purpose.