Shamanism is said to be to over 100,000 years old.  It is a universal spiritual tradition that has been practiced by almost every indigenous culture throughout the world.  The word "Shaman"  is a Tungus word from Siberia and means "healer" or "one who sees in the dark".  It is not based on religion but rather it is a way of life; a path to knowledge gained through life experiences using ceremonies, rituals, drumming, meditation, and fire ceremonies.  Shamans see everything as alive with Spirit, connected and part of creation.  They have a deep respect for all of nature, live in harmony and balance and dedicate their lives to helping others as well as their communities. 

Shamanism is a form of Energy Healing that discovers the spiritual cause that is creating disharmony within a person as well as in relation to other people and the world around them.  This disruption can affect and influence an individual's life in many ways such as illness, soul loss, relationships, careers and the ability to live one's passion and purpose. It discovers what is in the unconscious that is creating challenges such as attachments to the past, traumatic experiences, holding on to limiting beliefs, hurts, guilt, fears or regrets.


Indigenous Shamans and trained Shamanic Practitioners  are able to go into an altered state of consciousness and through Shamanic Journeying, travel to the invisible realms to interact directly with Helping Spirits to address the spiritual aspects of what is causing the problem, illness, stagnation, unrest or imbalance in someone's life.  They perform Soul Retrievals, Power Animal Retrievals, Divine Information and Guidance, Remove Crystallized Energies, Blockages, Spiritual Intrusions, Assist people who have died or are crossing over to make their transition to the other side and Perform Powerful Ceremonies for Health, Well-Being, Life Transitions and Rites of Passage.  They discover what is in the unconscious that is creating illness or challenges such as attachments to the past, holding on to limiting beliefs, old wounds, trauma, ancestral patterns, hurts, guilt, fears or regrets.


Q'ero Shamans Preparing Despacho (prayer bundle)

Q'ero (Peruvian Shamans) preparing a Despacho (Prayer Bundle) with their Mesas (medicine bundles).  Don Humberto and the late Dona Bernadina far right.

Q'ero Shamans Performing Ceremony

Q'ero making offerings in the Andean Mountains of Peru

Many indigenous cultures have openly shared their ancient practices with people to assist during these times of dramatic changes.   The Q'ero, known to be the most powerful healers in Peru are known as Paqos (Shamans) have preserved a sacred prophecy for 500 years of a great change. They  foretold of the chaos that we are in the midst of and a "pachacuti," in which the world could be turned right-side-up, harmony and order would be restored, and chaos and disorder would end.  The coming of a new era in which human beings can reach unknown levels of consciousness.  Their prophecy foretold that it was time to share their knowledge, wisdom and and healing practices with those who would be coming from the West.  They have given many of us shamanic practices and energetic transmissions that hold the  knowledge, healing practices and ancient rites of their ancestors to be used in our contemporary times for healing and spiritual growth.

Although Shamanism is an ancient practice it is recognized and used today in our contemporary times for insight, healing, teachings, spiritual growth and to obtain practical information for what is most important in our life.