An Ancient Practice for Modern Times

The practice of Shamanic Journeying is a way to feel personally empowered.  It gives us a way to connect with our Spirit Guides and Spiritual Teachers to receive healing, insight and guidance for all practical aspects of our lives. To gain knowledge, make positive decisions, discover our destiny, live our full creative potential, bring our lives into balance and harmony and to change in a way that brings good health and well-being.  It is a powerful Spiritual Practice for transformation that deepens, expands and lasts a lifetime. 


Come join us in Sacred Space and Community as we embark on two separate Journeys:  We will journey to find out what element might be a Helping Spirit for you right now and also journey to the place of Lost Dreams to find a dream you have forgotten that is important to your Soul.  To Journey within a Collective can be much more powerful than Journeying by one Self.  All Levels welcome.





                                                 $20.00 donation

                               RSVP: 505-273-0588 or



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