This is a sacred shamanic practice of the high Andes of making an offering to the Apus (Mountain Spirits) or Pachamama (Mother Earth).  There are over 200 different types of Despachos in Peru and Ecuador.  It  can be performed for an individual or for a group that brings them into alignment with their personal intention. 

Despachos can be created for many things.  It can be used as an offering, to bless a new home, business or land, to express gratitude, to come into Ayni or right relationship with whatever is out of balance in your Life, to release  what no longer serves you, to establish oneself in a new community or location, for new beginnings, to bring more harmony into your life or to manifest a dream.   The most important part of the Despacho is the Intention. 


It is made up of natural elements such as incense, nuts, seeds, herbs, flowers, leaves and corn.  Each one is symbolic and supports the intention.  Prayers are blown into each element and placed in a circular pattern.  As this occurs, how they fall, the patterns that form can provide information as to the intention.  When it is complete, it is folded, tied into a bundle and the person's luminous body is cleansed and blessed with it.

Andean Despaco /Prayer Bundle

Despacho Ceremony Blessing New Business

The Despacho is then buried in Mother Earth or burned releasing the intention to the Apus or Mountain Spirits.  And the last element is the commitment to hold the intention and the spirit of the Despacho yet detach from the outcome whether it is the form, the timing or how it will arrive for it can be so much more than imagined.