Before there was time, before there was language, there were the sacred symbols.


This form of divination is performed in a ceremony with your Spirit Guides, Power Animals, Spiritual Teachers, Nature Beings, Archangels and Ancestors who provide guidance and insight through this beautiful deck of Oracle Cards.  One can simply ask for guidance or present a question about something that is important right now.  Guidance can be many things such as caution, an opportunity, the present situation, what needs to be transformed. 


Each card has The Essence, The Invitation and if reversed, The Medicine.

It can be a simple divination that includes a past influence or a more in-depth divination with additional information that includes past influences, the present situation,  an issue that brings a challenge or a lesson to be learned, movement and the process ahead to the final outcome.



Mystical Shaman Oracle

                          created by

      Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron Reid

                       and Marcela Lobos