Energy Healing has been used for thousands of years by many traditions to restore health and well-being.  The Chinese refer to it as Chi, the Japanese as Ki and  the Indian yogis call it Prana.  It was taught in nursing programs in the 1970's  as Therapeutic Touch, introduced into integrative medicine programs at universities, became known as Energy Medicine in the 1990's and over the last twenty years has been used in some of the more progressive hospitals and rehab facilities as complementary medicine. 

Western Medicine has begun to recognize that both physical and emotional stress can lead to injuries, illness and dis/ease.  Energy Healing considers them imbalances that result from blockages in the body's energy system. These subtle energies form pathways throughout the body as well as the 8 primary chakras or spinning energy centers that connect to nerves and major organs and form a Luminous Energy Field that surrounds the physical body.  All of them work together to create health and a sense of well being. 

Our bodies are constantly striving for optimal health and balance even under duress and have an amazing ability to heal that can be awakened and supported through Energy Healing.  It can be spontaneous or it can occur over a period of time so that the body can slowly adjust and integrate the changes that occur at a deep level. 

Sessions Can Address


 *  Stress/Anxiety

 *  Migraines

 *  Injuries

 *  Pain/Inflammation

 *  Sciatica

  * Digestion

 *  Immune System

  Surgery Recovery Time

 *  Muscular-Skeletal Imbalance

     (Energetic Chiropractic)

 *  Nausea from Chemo


 * Chakra Clearing; Rebalancing

 * Removing Energetic Blockages

 * Preparing for Surgery

    (Surgery/Patient Clearing)

Surgery Clearing To create the most optimal environment for your surgery, you will receive an energetic cleansing that removes all accumulated heavy energies, using the Andean "hucha miqhuy" process, and then you are filled with Sami which is refined energy that helps achieve harmony.  Next, the operating room is cleared of all energies and events from previous surgeries.  As each member of your team enters the OR (surgeon, nurses, anesthesiologist), they are individually cleared with the intent that they will be performing at their very best with complete focus on you and your surgery.  Their lives, concerns, distractions, personal conversations among the team are left outside of the OR until your surgery has been completed.