Natara Landrau, B.A.

Shamanic Practitioner       Energy Healing Facilitator             Teacher                Coach               Guide

Natara has over thirty years of training and experience in Energy Healing that includes Therapeutic Touch,  practices from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Quantum-Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique and Shamanism.  She also trained in Muscular Therapy with a focus on anatomy, physiology, pathology, dis-ease and complementary pathways to Healing.

She has assisted people of all ages in her private practice as well as in hospitals, rehab facilities, clinics and retirement communities.

Let me Support you on your Journey

Natara has practiced Shamanism for the past thirteen years having trained with Dr. Alberto Villoldo (author of Shaman Healer Sage), graduated from his Healing the LightBody School, received the Munay-Ki Rites and completed the Master Courses in Walking with Protection, Working with the Sacred and Advanced Divination.


She was initiated by the Q'ero Indians of Peru, who are renowned paqos (healers) of the Andes and considered direct descendants of the Incas.  Natara learned the ancient healing practices and rituals from the Q'ero directly and from Dr. Villoldo who has lived among, trained with the Q'ero and brought their healing practices and rituals to the the modern world .  From the moment she received the first of nine Rites, Shamanism became a way of life.


Natara is a full mesa carrier (medicine bundle) and has received Andean Karpay Rites (energetic transmissions of the lineage) from the Q'ero Elders Don Humberto Sonqo Quispe and the late Dona Bernadina Apaza Flores, known as the mystic couple of Peru. 


She has also trained with Jose Luis Herrera (Advanced Soul Retrieval), John Perkins (The Path of the Dreamshifter), Sandra Ingerman (Shamnic Journeying for Guidance and Healing), Dr. Jean Houston (Awakening to Your Life's Purpose) and Jeffrey Wiuum, Paqo Wisdomkeeper.

She has taught workshops in Energy Healing, co-taught Shamanic Tools for Healing and Vision and currently teaches Shamanic Journeying where each person discovers their helping Spirits for guidance and healing.  She has also lectured, written and published articles on Health and Wellness, Energy Healing and Personal Transformation.

Natara embraces ceremony and working with nature as an essential part of healing and creating one's best life.