This is a beautiful and powerful healing practice.  A Power Animal is a helping Spirit who volunteers to come back into a person's life to provide protection, healing and restore vitality and power (courage, confidence, strength, resilience).  It represents the whole species of that particular animal. This can fill a person with a tremendous amount of spiritual assistance to help them through whatever challenges  they are going through in their life.


The power animal may be very active or it provides support but in a less active role.  It is important to be open to receive whoever returns as their form has no bearing on their power.  A squirrel has as much power to assist as an Eagle or a Bear. It can also be a Spiritual Guardian such as a Goddess, a historical figure, Mystic or a Spiritual Teacher.

During the Retrieval, the Power Animal or Guardian Spirit will be asked why it has volunteered to return to you; why is it coming into your life?  In what way will it be helping you? What is its unique gift?  What lessons does it have to share with you?  What will it be teaching you about an aspect of your life?

      A Power Animal Retrieval can also be done for:


 A Couple to assist with issues that may be affecting their  relationship

 A Family for assistance with conflict and emotional wounds

 An Organization to restore cohesiveness, enhance creativity, success, as well as balance and harmony.

Power Animal Retrieval

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