These are toxic energies that enter through the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds the body and crystallize or harden in the physical body sometimes causing pain or discomfort.  This can occur when there is conflict and strong emotions that are expressed towards a person such as envy, jealousy or anger.


 A gentle process is used to extract the crystallized energy and restore and heal that area of the energy field with an Illumination.

                                                                  REMOVAL OF A DISINCARNATE SPIRIT 

Disincarnate spirits are those who are deceased but have not crossed over.  They may have died suddenly or tragically or perhaps they were not yet not ready to leave.  They do not realize they have passed on and their Spirit seeks out the comfort of someone who is living.  They can be a deceased relative, a friend or someone you have never met before.

Physical and psychological problems can occur or worsen because of an discarnate spirit such as mood swings, anxiety, rapid breathing and depression.  Without reason or cause, a person may feel out of sorts or begin to behave differently.

These energies enter through the Luminous Energy Field, attach to a chakra and from there connect to the central nervous system.   Oftentimes they are confused and frightened and must be coaxed and persuaded that they have passed on, are still earthbound and that it is time for them to leave for a much better place.  The removal restores a person back to who they are and sends the Spirit/Soul home through a beautiful tunnel of light oftentimes accompanied by an Angelic Being particularly for children.