Sessions and Special Offerings are given in Person, by Phone or FaceTime

                                          24 hour cancellation required for refund

I charge a flat fee, no matter how long the session lasts. I am committed to making these Offerings available to everyone and am more than happy to discuss other ways to meet an even exchange of energy .  I will work on a sliding scale for students, children (with parental consent), and those who are unemployed or on a fixed income.

           ENERGY HEALING SESSION - 1 Hour

Sacred space is always created before every session. Prior to the session, the person provides the issue that will be the focus. If pain is involved, the severity is measured before the session (1 to 10) and at the end. The session also includes restoring or increasing the vital force which is necessary for the body to heal and clearing and balancing the affected chakras. 


Change can be immediate or occur afterwards as healing will continue up to three days after a session.  The number of sessions depends on how long the condition has existed and the outcome depends on each individual.  The body has an amazing restorative ability and is constantly striving for health, balance and well-being.

Recovery time from injury or surgery can be significantly reduced because the healing process is accelerated during and after a session.


Oftentimes lifestyle changes are suggested for the healing to be long-lasting.  This is unique to each person and offered as part of the session.  It could be as simple as a short meditation or visualization, walks in nature or other ways suited to each individual.

ENERGY HEALING                      $  95.00  

SHAMANIC HEALING                  $125.00

                        SPECIAL OFFERINGS

SURGERY CLEARING                   $125.00


DIVINATION                                 $  95.00

PEACEFUL PASSAGE                   $  65.00



MUNAY-KI RITES.....................Call for exchange

                                                                  SHAMANIC HEALING SESSION - 1 to 2 Hours

At the heart of each session is the individual's concern, issue or reason for choosing Shamanic Healing.  The Session begins by creating Sacred space with a short guided meditation and then calling in the elements of Mother Earth, Air, Water and Fire, the six directions and your personal Helping Spirits while rattling and/or drumming to facilitate relaxation and an openness to receive information, guidance and/or healing.   Your helping Spirits can be Spirit Guides, Power Animals, Spiritual Teachers, Nature Beings, Elementals, Angels and/or Archangels.  Their sole purpose is to help you in every aspect of your life so you can succeed and thrive.  Your Helping Spirits will also provide a ceremony,  a practice or offer a suggested change to help integrate the session so it is long-lasting.


A session may also include an Illumination, soul retrieval, the removal of a crystallized energy or removal of a disincarnate spirit that has been creating disharmony within a person's life.

Energy Healing, Shamanic Healing and Special Offerings are not intended as diagnosis, prescription, intervention, treatment or cure for any disease or condition and are not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.