Shamanic Healing is a form of Spiritual Healing that views illness or disharmony as a disruption of balance within a person as well as in relation to other people and the world around them.  Whether it is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, it focuses on the disruption that is in a person's spirit, soul or energy body, removes blockages, returns lost power (courage, confidence, strength, resilience) and also helps a person to connect with his/her own healing abilities.

Shamanism addresses all aspects of life whether it is Illness, trauma, grief, relationships, career, limited beliefs from early childhood experiences, ancestral memories, wounds as well as past lifetimes.   It is the only form of healing that recognizes the importance of the Soul whether it is soul loss and retrieval, discovering one's soul's purpose or identifying and removing the obstacles that prevent an individual from living  their Destiny.


Disharmony can be caused by loss of power, soul loss, crystallized energies or a displaced disincarnate spirit. Restoring this balance can result in the recovery from many types of ailments and create positive life changes.  It can provide freedom to experience life beyond the boundaries of one's personal history, limited beliefs, and social norms.

Peruvian Healers

Natara with Don Humberto Soncqo Quispe & the  late Dona Bernadina Apaza Flores known as the  Mystic Couple of Peru