​The Soul or Spirit is that part of us that existed before we came into this world and continues to exist once the physical body is gone. It is our essence or vital force.



This is a practice unique to Shamanism that can bring back a part of the Soul that left as a way to protect itself from a traumatic experience such as emotional or physical abuse, extreme illness, injury, an accident, surgery, being in a war or a natural disaster, near death, divorce, or the death of a loved one. Psychology refers to this as disassociation; Shamanism refers to it as soul loss.  When a part of the Soul leaves, it goes to the invisible realm and needs assistance to return.

There are many symptoms of soul loss such as depression, despair, PTSD, a feeling of being incomplete, an inability to remember parts of your life,  lack of enthusiasm, lacking full personality, not feeling fully in one's body and  engaged in life or never feeling the same after an event such as grief and loss.    

Soul Retrieval

When the soul part returns it is a wonderful celebration; a reclaiming of yourself and receiving all of the gifts that it will bring back into your life.  A sense of wholeness, confidence and personal power.